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1. What should I do if I have received a delinquent notice and cannot pay my utility bill by the due date?
2. My electric utility bill is too high. What can I do to lower it?
3. Are there medical discounts available for my electric utility bill?
4. How do I read my meter?
5. What are my utility bill payment options?
6. When is it important to contact the Lodi Electric Utility (LEU)?
7. What do I do if my power is out?
8. How can I get Lodi Electric Utility to trim the trees that are encroaching on my power lines?
9. Will the Lodi Electric Utility replace broken breaker switches, repair internal electric wiring, or service electric appliances?
10. Does the Lodi Electric Utility remove graffiti on transformers?
11. How can I report a streetlight out in my neighborhood?