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City Hall

  1. Contact City Council

    Please note that when you send correspondence or an email to the entire City Council as a body (rather than an individual member) it... More…

Electric Utility

  1. Report a Problem to Lodi Electric
  2. Wildfire Mitigation - Customer Comments

    Pursuant to CA SB-901, Lodi Electric Utility has prepared a draft Wildfire Mitigation Plan, and is now accepting public comments in its... More…

  1. Tenant Authorization - Buildings Authorized to Benchmark

    This form will allow authorized parties (“Owner” or Owner’s Agent”) to participate in and acquire the energy usage data for a “covered... More…


  1. Lodi Fire Department - Station Tour Request Form

    1. Station tours are only given on Fridays. A two-week lead time is recommended to assist with scheduling. 2. Tour starting times are... More…

  2. Public Education Request
  1. Lodi Fire Department Records Request Form

Hutchins Street Square

  1. Contact Us
  2. Volunteer Interest Form

    Thank you for expressing an interest in volunteering with Lodi Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services. We take great pride in our... More…

  1. Rental Interest Form


  1. Request Book For Library

    Is there a book or other item that you would like us to purchase? Fill out this form and our librarian will look into it! If we add the... More…

Public Works

  1. City of Lodi ADA Complaint Form (Electronic)

    The City of Lodi has adopted a formal grievance procedure providing for prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any... More…

  2. Lodi Transit Comments Submissions

    This is where you can submit your comments, suggestions, and concerns to us about the services we offer. All submissions will remain... More…

  3. Report Water Waste

    Form for residents concerned about water waste

  1. Cross Connection Control Survey

    2019 Cross Connection Control Survey

  2. Parking Structure Long Term Parking Permit

    If you will be parking your vehicle at the parking structure for more than 72 hours, apply for a long term parking permit to avoid... More…