What topics are covered in the Citizen Police Academy?

During the Academy, citizens will be exposed to subject matter relating to the duties and responsibilities of police officers. The Academy will be instructed by police officers and supervisors from the Lodi Police Department with expertise in various areas of law enforcement. Topics will include:

  • A basic overview of the law affecting citizen's rights
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Crisis negotiations
  • Drugs and gangs
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) and traffic enforcement
  • Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD)
  • Firearms
  • K-9s
  • Officer involved shootings and use of force decision-making
  • SWAT

Academy participants will also be given the opportunity to go on a ride-along with a Lodi police officer. Academy topics may be subject to change from year to year.

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1. What is the Citizen Police Academy?
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