What is the Citizen Police Academy?

The Lodi Police Department's Citizen Police Academy is a program that is designed to give the public a working knowledge and understanding of the values, goals, and operations of the City of Lodi Police Department. The objective of the Academy is to improve the lines of communication and help build a positive relationship between the Lodi Police Department and the community members we serve. This experience will afford citizens an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their police department while allowing police to continue our mission of community engagement.

The Lodi Police Department believes that by working together with the public, we are better able to solve problems that face our community and ultimately improve the quality of life in the City of Lodi. This course is not intended for those wishing to explore or pursue a career in law enforcement, as it is by design, a program that only offers an overview of general police duties, responsibilities, and operations.

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1. What is the Citizen Police Academy?
2. When and where does the academy meet?
3. Is there a cost to attend the Citizen Police Academy?
4. What topics are covered in the Citizen Police Academy?
5. How does the Citizen Police Academy help the Lodi Police Department?
6. Who can attend the Citizen Police Academy?
7. How do I apply?
8. How are applications screened?
9. What happens if I'm accepted to the Citizen Police Academy?