This is a water meter program. Why are the water main lines being upgraded?

The water utility collects money to repair, replace, and make improvements to the City’s water service infrastructure in an effort to ensure reliability. Currently, there are many miles of mainline pipe that need replacing and/or are undersized. The City will abandon and relocate these pipes into the streets fronting the residence. This work will occur concurrently with the meter program to minimize disturbance on Lodi's residents.

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1. Why do we need to install and pay for water meters?
2. Will all properties receive a water meter under the Water Meter Program and when will the meters be installed?
3. Who will be responsible for the water meter payment and when will the water meter payments begin?
4. Will the City be offering any financial assistance for low income residents?
5. As part of a building permit I was required to pay a water meter deposit that exceeded the $300 and water service fee. Will the City reimburse me and when will my meter be installed?
6. Will low-density multi-family structures (duplex, triplex, four-plex) be allowed to have each unit metered?
7. Who will be responsible for paying the water utility bill?
8. Who will be responsible for paying the balance of my water meter payment if the property is sold?
9. How do I know if I will be charged for a meter, and how much it will cost?
10. What does it mean to "upgrade" my water service?
11. How do I know if I need to upgrade my water service?
12. Can I arrange for my own installation?
13. My house has a meter box that is configured to have a meter installed, but currently does not have a meter. Why won’t the City let me install it myself?
14. This is a water meter program. Why are the water main lines being upgraded?
15. It seems unfair that some residents will be billed on a flat-rate while others are charged on a usage base. Why not start billing everyone based on usage at one time?
16. The Water Meter Program will be relocating the mainline servicing my house. Will I be required to pay for the new service connection?
17. Will the water meters be equipped to be remotely read?
18. Will my water bill go up?
19. Will I be able to read my meter?