What about special assignments?

Lodi Police Department offers a wide variety of Special Assignments, including:

  • Bicycles: We currently have one full-time bicycle officer, riding top of the line equipment, that patrols our thriving downtown area.
  • Dispatcher/Jailer: We currently have 16 Dispatcher/Jailers working 12 hours shifts. Special assignments can include: 
  • FTO: Our FTOs are Corporals, a promotional rank, who work patrol and administrative assignments. They function as field supervisors on an as-needed basis. This is a great career path for future advancement!
  • General Investigations Unit: Our five-member team specializes in CASA crimes, financial crimes and other general investigative matters.
  • K-9: Our four-member team also trains and competes on a regular basis.
  • Records: Our records department currently staffs 1 records supervisor and 4 full-time records clerks
  • Special Investigation Unit: Our five-member Special Investigations Unit handles narcotics and vice, along with a variety of specialized enforcement efforts.
  • School Resource Officers: We currently have an officer full time in each of our two high schools, with two additional handling the middle schools.
  • SWAT: A fourteen member team, fully equipped, and with a major emphasis on training.
  • Traffic: Four full time along with a well developed MAIT (Major accident investigation team).

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