I’d start on patrol, right? What’s it like?

Our patrol officers are some of the best trained, equipped, and supported anywhere. They enjoy an officer-to-citizen ratio that’s higher than most departments. This allows them to focus on Community Oriented Policing (COP) and problem-solving. We don’t have a separate COP unit- it's simply a basic part of every officer’s everyday work. Our crime rate is low, and it stays that way in part because our officers have the time to be proactive. We also have a wide variety of special units that support our district officers.

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1. What equipment do officers receive?
2. What are patrol vehicles equipped with?
3. What about automation?
4. What’s the story on training?
5. I’d start on patrol, right? What’s it like?
6. What about special assignments?
7. Is there a pay incentive for special assignments?
8. What’s the City of Lodi like?
9. What about my spouse? Are there career opportunities available in the area?
10. How can I learn more about employment opportunities with the Lodi Police Department?