What’s the story on training?

Our 4-10 shift plan offers a great opportunity to schedule regular in-service training to all of our personnel, which we do 6 times a year. In addition, we send personnel to a variety of Peace Officer Standards and Training Program (POST) schools all over the state. It is our belief that constant exposure to the latest law enforcement techniques benefits our officers, our department, and our community.

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1. What equipment do officers receive?
2. What are patrol vehicles equipped with?
3. What about automation?
4. What’s the story on training?
5. I’d start on patrol, right? What’s it like?
6. What about special assignments?
7. Is there a pay incentive for special assignments?
8. What’s the City of Lodi like?
9. What about my spouse? Are there career opportunities available in the area?
10. How can I learn more about employment opportunities with the Lodi Police Department?