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Development Planning and Real Estate Investment
Begins With a Vision

Just 35 miles from Downtown Sacramento and 80 miles east of San Francisco, Lodi, California has grown and prospered over the past 100 years.  Not rapidly, mind you, but thoughtfully.  Its location along primary transportation routes such as SR 99 and I-5, as well as a strong independent attitude of the population has steered that growth.  Today, nearly 70,000 people call Lodi home.  They work in what is a five county region.  However, more and more, people are making the decision to end that commute by working close to home.  All located at strategic business locations, the five sites illustrated below show the conceptual development of five key commercial and industrial sites that are currently undeveloped.  The images capture the development potential of each site.

1235 E. Kettleman Rd.

Any one of Lodi’s target industries could thrive at 1235 E. Kettleman Rd. This real estate is positioned to accept new investment. This conceptual development sits on just over 23 acres of commercial and industrial development. This concept shows three separate sites for manufacturing, logistics, office, storage, and commercial use.

Each site concept has parking for both passenger and freight needs. Sites two and three show loading docks and efficient circulation on site and onto roadway. SR 99 N/S and SR 12 E/W is less than one mile from these two major east-west and north-south corridors. Landscaping and outdoor gathering space for employees and guests are featured throughout the rendering.

The building renderings show how sustainable building features including cool roof, solar panels, and living garden building elevations can enhance the efficiency of a design. Lodi Electric Utility, a hometown provider of power, offers builders and developers energy efficient rebates and incentives.
Kettleman Lane - Eye view PerspectiveKettleman Site

1400 & 1600 S. Cherokee Ln.
1400-1600 S Cherokee- Aerial View1400 -1600 S Cherokee- Eye Level View

In a very broad sense, this development concept combines man-made and natural elements to create an ideal environment for employees to maximize shareholder value. Conceptually, a lot of elements come together to make 1400 & 1600 S. Cherokee Ln. an ideal site for corporate office, research and testing laboratory, medical complex, or mixed-use development. With over 100,000 average daily traffic count , now’s the time for a national or multinational corporation to create value at this highly visible location with well-developed infrastructure.

1400-1600 S Cherokee- Site Plan View

940 Beckman Road

The importance of location in business success cannot be understated. From branding to attracting a customer base, and from proximity to suppliers to attracting talent, research has shown the location of a business is one of its most important factors for success. This particular conceptual use shows capacity of the site and optimum capacity utilization for manufacturing, logistics and office.

At 940 Beckman Road, a company would enjoy highway frontage, visibility by over 100,000 vehicles per day, direct access for suppliers and customers while adopting earnest eco-practices of growing a wine vineyard---a testament to the area’s wine growing roots.


1335 E. Lockeford Street

1335 E Lockeford- Site Plan ViewThe arrangement of these buildings are based purely on their category, how the user will interact within that space, and how customers and clients will experience that space. At 1335 E. Lockeford Street, the conceptual use is a farm to fork series of spaces where the region’s local specialty crops, and other local food treasures can be transformed into local cuisine, sold wholesale or retail, refrigerated, stored or served to the public in a multi-functional setting.
1335 E Lockeford- Eye Level View

669 and 775 N. Guild Ave

Guild_Site 1
The manufacturing, cold storage, and logistics markets are anticipated to register a CAGR of four to six percent from 2020 to 2025. Industry experts predict this expansion is most likely to occur in gateway markets like California. At 775 N. Guild Avenue, all three of these high-growth sectors are conceptualized. This space can accommodate manufacturing and logistics with pallet positions, refrigerated loading docks, and fully convertible refrigerated to frozen space.