Volunteers & Fosters


Want to make a difference in your community through the lives of our shelter animals?

Become a Shelter Volunteer!

We are looking for professional, responsible and committed individuals who are willing to open up their hearts and help our shelter pets.

Here is how to become a shelter volunteer:

  1. Complete & Return the Volunteer Application- Volunteer Application
  2. Review our Volunteer Program- Training Program

Volunteers like you play an essential role in both the physical and mental health of the animals here at the shelter. 

The more we consistently show these animals how to behave through a balanced daily routine, the better the quality of life they will have while they are with us. We together can create happier, healthier, and more Adoptable pets.


Foster homes provide temporary care for animals in our area that are in need. 

When partnering with Lodi Animal Services we will make sure you are given resources and guidance to be a successful foster parent.

The Most Important reason to become a foster parent is the reward of caring for an animal in need such as medical care and/ or behavioral modifications to help them increase their chance of adoptability. 

No matter what form of fostering you chose, (Bottle Babies, Shy Animals, Injured Animals or Sick Animals) the rewards are incomparable. 

How does the foster program work, you ask?

  1. You must complete & return the Foster Application as well as the Volunteer Application- Foster Application
  2. Review our Foster Program & Foster Agreement- Foster Care Program & Foster Care Contract Agreement
  3. Sign & Return Foster Agreement
  4. Watch & Read our Foster Trainings & Resources- Lodi-Animal-Services-Kitten-Bottle-Babies-Educational-Class-Material-August-2022                                                                                 

Thank You for wanting to become a part of our Lodi Animal Services Foster Team. Together we can make a difference in the lives of our shelter ANIMALS!

Our Kitten Foster Program Wish List Link to Amazon is Under Our Donation Section!

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