K-12 Free Ride Program

The City of Lodi's GrapeLine offers free bus service to all K-12 students. Students may board any Lodi GrapeLine fixed or express route bus during any of their service hours, show their student ID to the driver, and ride to their destination free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who does this program apply to?

This program applies to all K-12 students. Any student, regardless of school district location, may ride for free.

2. What bus services are available to students? 

This program applies to all Lodi GrapeLine fixed and express route services. Please see this page for more route information, including schedules and service maps.

Please note, this program does not provide free fare for Lodi’s Dial-A-Ride/VineLine service unless the student is certified for ADA paratransit.

3. Where do the buses run? Do the buses go to Stockton?

The Lodi GrapeLine only operates on designated fixed routes within the Lodi city limits. 

For Stockton bus service information, including Lodi-to-Stockton routes, please visit San Joaquin RTD’s website. For information on San Joaquin RTD’s recently implemented free-fare program for 7th-12th grade Stockton Unified School District students, please visit their SUSD program page.

4. When can students ride for free?

Routes are available for students to ride 7-days a week, at anytime during active service hours. This includes during non-school hours and weekends. 

5. How do students who don’t have student IDs ride? 

Elementary-aged students will be allowed to ride if they inform the bus driver that they are a student.

All 7th-12th grade students will need to present a valid student ID to ride.

6. What bus route should I take to reach a destination? How do I plan a trip?

San Joaquin County has a dedicated trip planning & mobile ticketing app called Vamos Mobility. The Vamos app, available on iOS and Android, allows you to plan trips and buy tickets for all transit agencies within San Joaquin county. 

The Lodi GrapeLine service routes are reflected in Google Maps. You can plan trips to and from your destination using their trip planner

7. How long will this program last?

The City of Lodi receives Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) CalTrans grant funding to run this program, and the program will continue running as long as we receive the grant. We are actively monitoring our ridership numbers and expect funds to last through 2024.

8. Can companions ride for free too?

Any accompanying rider who is not a K-12 student (including parents, chaperones, etc), must pay the fare they are eligible for. Fare information can be found here

9. I am a trip leader for a group of students. Can they ride for free?

Yes, groups of K-12 students will be allowed to ride the Lodi GrapeLine at no charge. If you would like assistance with planning, please contact the City of Lodi Transit Administration in advance of the trip. If you are a teacher who wishes to use public transportation for a field trip, please refer to your home school district for guidance. Additional procedures and regulations may apply.  

10. What about students with disabilities?

All GrapeLine fixed route buses are equipped with ramps, wheelchair attachments, and priority seating for people with disabilities.

If a student has a disability that prevents them from riding fixed route services, they may apply for our VineLine ADA paratransit service, which entails an in-person eligibility interview. Information regarding this process can be found here. Your school district may also have special procedures and policies in place for students in need of transportation. Please refer to your school district’s transportation department for further information. 

11. Is this program affiliated with the Lodi Unified School District?

This program is not affiliated with the Lodi Unified School District, as the Lodi GrapeLine is operated and administered by the City of Lodi, not LUSD. Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns about this program to the City of Lodi Transit Department.  

Lodi GrapeLine Rules

Infographic of rules for Lodi GrapeLine