DeBenedetti Park Project

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DeBenedetti Park is one of Lodi’s larger community parks. The 49-acre recreation amenity is located at the intersection of Lower Sacramento Road and Century Boulevard. Only 18 acres are developed and used as soccer fields (which double as stormwater retention basins), parking and walking paths. Another 11 acres is a permanent storm drainage facility that is not available for public access.

The Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services would like to phase improvements for the remaining 20 acres of undeveloped areas over time, but in a manner consistent with the recreational facility needs identified through the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, and the park's existing and future uses. 

The development of the DeBenedetti Park Master Plan is a collaborative process that includes City staff and Lodi residents. Throughout the planning process, there will be public meetings and workshops held with the community to explore present conditions and future opportunities for the park. All of the information will be documented and shared through this website.

Public Process to Date

The city is currently conducting a public outreach effort to gain a better understanding of the community’s wants and needs for master planning DeBenedetti Park. The steps are outlined below: 

• July 17, 2019: Final plan adoption, 7 p.m., Lodi City Council, Carnegie Forum (305 W. Pine St.). The City Council will receive a final plan based on the Parks and Recreation Commission's recommendation. The public is welcome to comment.


• June 4, 2019: Draft final plan, 7 p.m., Lodi Parks and Recreation Commission meeting, Carnegie Forum (305 W. Pine St.) The Commission received the draft plan and is recommending the City Council approve it with some modifications, including making the connecting driveway between the parking lots for emergency vehicles only.

 May 8, 2019: Public review of plan alternatives at Hutchins Street Square (Kirst Hall). Approximately 30 people attended the workshop and provided feedback on the two alternative plans. This workshop was followed up by an online survey with more than 300 responses, which sought input on the alternatives and the pros and cons of each.

 March 4, 2019: Community Open House at Hutchins Street Square. Approximately 50 people attended and provided their comments about the next phase of park construction. Some 400 people completed an online survey sharing their thoughts about park needs.

Plan received by the Parks & Recreation Commission 

Draft plan of DeBenedetti Park

Make sure to check back frequently for updates and additional information. For project questions, contact Parks, Recreation, & Cultural Services by calling (209) 333-6742.

  • February 2023 - Phase 1 and 2 includes Century parking lot (200+ parking stalls), paths of travel including lighting, benches and trash receptacles, restroom and concession building, playground areas, underground utilities, irrigation system, grass, trees and shrubs.  We anticipate bidding these phases of the project by late summer 2023.
  • June 2021 - Landscape Architects, Callander Associates have provided City staff (Public Works Engineering and Parks) 75% construction documents (plans, specifications, cost estimate and geotechnical reports) for review and comments. Staff is currently reviewing the providing information. Staff is hoping to have comments back to Callander by the end of July.