How do I sign up for water, sewer, and garbage service? 

The homeowner, renter, or business must contact the City's Finance Department at 310 W. Elm Street (209) 333-6717, to sign up for water, sewer and garbage service. When moving, the homeowner, renter or business is also required to contact the Finance Department to close the account and make arrangements to have the water shut off.

How is my Wastewater bill calculated? 

View our Wastewater FAQ's (PDF) for detailed information about how Wastewater is calculated. 

 How do I get my City street tree trimmed? 

Please contact Public Works at 209-333-6740 to see when your area may be trimmed.

Will the City install speed bumps on my residential street?

The City of Lodi does not install speed bumps on public streets.  Many cities have experimented with the installation of speed bumps, but have noted a problem with the overall effectiveness and safety.  The following are some potential drawbacks associated with speed bumps:

  • Increased noise levels due to vehicle acceleration/deceleration and vehicles going over the bump 
  • Reduces emergency vehicle response time significantly
  • Diverts traffic to the adjacent streets
  • Increases speeding because motorists speed up between the bumps in order to "make up lost time"
  • Severe pain for people with disabilities
  • Causes drivers to lose control resulting in damage to personal property
  • Decreases property value
  • Residents may find additional signage and striping associated with speed bumps unattractive
  • No single design of speed bumps has been found to be successful in safely controlling the speed of all types of passenger vehicles

Some agencies, such as City of Roseville, discontinued their speed bump program due to many issues and complaints from their residents. Motorists intentionally drive over the bumps at high speeds creating a neighborhood nuisance, swerve onto the sidewalks and front lawns to avoid the bumps, and divert to other streets to avoid the bumps.  They have now established a new program to remove the existing speed bumps.

Who repairs City sidewalks?

Public Works, Sidewalk Maintenance Division, is responsible for the maintenance and repair of broken sidewalks damaged by City street trees. Other sidewalk repairs, depending on the situation, may be the responsibility of the City or the property owner. Please call 209-333-6740 to report a sidewalk in need of repair.

Who fixes potholes in City Streets? 

Public Works, Street Maintenance Section, is responsible for repairing potholes on City streets. Please contact 209-333-6740 to report a pothole.

Who can unplug my sewer line? 

If there is a blockage in your sewer service line between your approved City cleanout (near the street) and the main line, the City will unplug the line. If the plug is between the cleanout and your home, it is your responsibility to unplug the line. Please contact 209-333-6740 to report a plugged sewer prior to calling a plumber.

Who replaces missing or damaged street signs? 

Public Works, Streets Division, is responsible for replacing or repairing City streets signs. Please call 209-333-6740 to report a missing or damaged sign.

Who unplugs storm drains during street flooding?

Public Works, Water and Wastewater Division, responds to flooded areas. Please call 209-333-6740 to report the location.

When does my street get swept?    

City streets are swept once a month. The City maintains a regular street sweeping schedule. If you would like to know when your street will be swept, please visit the Street Sweeping section of our website to view/print schedule and map or call 209-333-6740.

What day of the week is my garbage picked up?

Central Valley Waste Management handles all garbage pickups.  Please visit the Residential Garbage section of our website to view/print the schedule and map or call 209-333-6706.  

Who do I contact if my garbage wasn't picked up?

Please contact Central Valley Waste Management at 209-333-5600 for missed pickups. 

Who replaces missing or broken garbage/recycling bins?   

Central Valley Waste Management is responsible for replacing all garbage cans and recycling bins. They can be reached at 209-369-8274.

Who controls the dust at construction sites?  

Contractors are required to provide dust control at their construction sites. Should there be a problem with dust from a construction site, please contact our Compliance Engineer, at 209-333-6800 Ext. 2091.

Who do I contact regarding the taste of my City water?

Please contact Public Works Surface Water Treatment Facility at 209-333-6878 if you have concerns regarding the taste of your City water. 

Does the City add fluoride to our water?

The public water supply does contain low levels of naturally occurring fluoride in its water supply. This naturally occurring fluoride typically is derived from erosion of natural mineral deposits, however the City does not add fluoride to any water source.

Does the City have hard water?

The public water supply comes from two sources, surface water and ground water. The ground water wells provide varying degrees of hard water, depending on several factors. Surface water is characterized as being soft, and because City water is a mixture of these two, the hardness at any given location can change. The hardness in grains per gallon (GPG) ranges from 1-20, with an average hardness of 8 GPG.