Youth Swim Lessons


Summer Swim Lessons

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2-week sessions of eight 25-minute lessons

Days: Mondays-Thursdays

Location: Hutchins Street Square Pool (125 S. Hutchins Street)

Group Lesson Fees:    Resident $65       |       Non-Resident $75

Private Lesson Fees:   Resident $110     |       Non-Resident $120

Session 1: June 7-June 17

Session 2: June 21-July 1

Session 3: July 5-July 15 

Session 4: July 19-July 29

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Parent & Me


















Group Swim Levels Descriptions:

Parent & Me - Ages 6mo-4yrs

This class is designed for parents to help their infants and toddlers to develop a high comfort level in and around the water. Parents will learn skills on how to teach their child to move, splash, play, and be safe in an aquatic environment. 


Minnow (Level 1) Ages 4+

Must be at least 36 inches to the chin and willing to enter the water. In this class, students will become comfortable in the water, learn introductory stroke mechanics and be taught basic water safety skills. Students will be introduced to floating, locomotion, bubble blowing, kicking, and arm movement.


Seahorse (Level 2) Ages 4+

Must successfully pass Level 1 or meet the passing requirements of Level 1. Students will learn locomotion and floating in the water without support. This class builds foundations for swimming independently and teaches students primary stroke mechanics that will enforce higher-level learning. Students will be introduced to breathing patterns, body positioning, wall gliding, and coordinated kicking and arm movement.


Jellyfish (Level 3) Ages 4+

Must successfully pass Level 2 or meet the passing requirements of Level 2. Students in level 3 build upon skills learned in level 2 and provide guided practice. Students learn how to perform the front crawl with side breathing and back crawl, unassisted. Students will be introduced to the 4 primary strokes and will be able to demonstrate proper kicking techniques.


Otter (Level 4) Ages 4+

Must successfully pass Level 3 or meet the passing requirements of Level 3. In this class, students will develop previously learned strokes. Students will refine and develop mechanics in the 4 primary swim strokes and build on foundations learned in previous levels. Students will begin to swim unassisted in all strokes for extended yards and practice drills to continue improvement.


Dolphin (Level 5) Ages 4+

Must successfully pass Level 4 or meet the passing requirements of Level 4. Students in Level 5 will refine their strokes and learn advanced swimming techniques. In this class, students will be introduced to all 4 competitive strokes and turns. 


Shark (level 6) Ages 4+

Must successfully pass Level 5 or meet the passing requirements of Level 5. In level 6, students will learn about swimming for fitness or personal water safety. In Swimming for Fitness, swimmers will learn fitness habits such as reading a swim clock, taking their own pulse, and strategies for long and short distance swimming. In Personal Water Safety, students will learn the basics of water rescue and safety. 


Private lessons Ages 4+

Class is designed for the swimmer's skill level.

Helpful Hints: 

  • Make sure you have selected the appropriate level. Transfers to another level after registration will incur a $10 transfer fee.
  • If it has been more than 6 months since their last session, we recommend the child repeat the last level they completed.
  • Most children remain at the same level for two or more sessions.
  • If unsure which level your child is in, please refer to the lesson levels description and pick the level you are sure they can complete the skills in.
  • Your child will not be moved to a different level or class if registered incorrectly. You will have to pay the transfer fee and space is not guaranteed in the next level.
  • Make sure that your child has a swimsuit and towel at each lesson.
  • Swim caps and goggles are optional.