Lifeguard Certification Courses

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Lodi Parks and Rec offers American Red Cross Professional Lifeguard Courses

Ages 15+

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Lodi Parks and Rec hires and trains lifeguards and swim instructors seasonally. Applicants need to be 16 years of age and have completed the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training.

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Lifeguard Course

We offer lifeguard courses for the American Red Cross Professional Lifeguard. This course is designed to teach basic lifesaving and water safety skills required for pool supervision.  At the end of this course, each participant who passes the written and practical exams will be presented with a certificate in: Lifeguarding/First-Aid, AED, and CPR for the Professional Rescuer. 100% Attendance is required for successful course completion.

 The offered courses are blended learning, which requires 8 hours of online assignments prior to the in-class sessions. Please make sure to enroll early so you have time to complete these online modules.


Course participants must be at least 15 years old, and be able to swim 300 yards of freestyle, tread water for 2 minutes, and retrieve a 10lb brick in 7 feet of water.

For more information or interest about Lifeguard Courses, please contact Aquatics Staff.