Priority use of the meeting rooms will be given in the following order:

  1. Library sponsored meetings, events, and programs
  2. The Friends of Lodi Public Library and the Lodi Public Library Foundation, and any other organization/committee created by the Lodi Public Library Trustees to further the mission of the Library
  3. City sponsored meetings, events, and programs
  4. Non-profit civic organizations/schools/government agencies
  5. Groups based in Lodi
  6. All remaining groups will be given consideration on a first come/first served basis

Study Groups 

Meeting rooms may not be utilized unless they have adhered to the Reservation Procedures. However, the Lodi Public Library encourages the use of its meeting rooms for student study groups, Library-sponsored tutoring, and other uses consistent with this policy. 

Therefore, groups and teams are encouraged to use the Tutor Rooms and other rooms if they are available to work on projects, receive/provide Library-sponsored tutoring, and impromptu meetings. In these instances, inquiries related to the availability of these rooms and to reserve their use can be made at the Circulation Desk.