Park Rental Information

Lodi is fortunate to have a wide range of facilities for family celebrations, business meetings and sporting activities.


Groups of 25 or more, businesses, sports teams or any activity advertised to the public are required to obtain a permit from Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services offices at 230 West Elm Street. Use of bounce houses or other inflatables are regulated by the Lodi Municipal Code. Contact Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services for additional information.


Browse through the parks and shelters in the City of Lodi.

Advanced Reservations

Reservations for picnic areas are accepted up to one year in advance. Building reservations are accepted up to six months in advance.

Alcohol in Parks

Some parks in the City of Lodi have been designated as no alcohol and are posted as such. They include Salas (during youth sporting events), Hale, Blakely, and Lawrence. No keg beer allowed at any park.

Amplification & Other Equipment

No amplified music or speech is allowed in City parks. Permission must be obtained for use of entertainment equipment (i.e, inflatable jumpers).


Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to the event will forfeit ½ of the deposit. Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to event will forfeit the entire deposit.


User is responsible to clean up area after use and to leave it damage free. Damage repairs will be deducted from deposits and/or billed. Labor will be deducted and/or billed at the same rate as the fifth step of a Parks Maintenance Worker II. When food is served, user is responsible to either remove all trash from the area or provide a garbage bin at user’s expense.


Decorations are limited to table centerpieces or freestanding items only. No items such as tape, nails, tacks, pins, staples, or any other adhesive may be used on posts, roofs, or any part of the structure.


Electrical circuits can easily be overloaded, i.e, plugging in coffee pots, crock pots, electrical roaster, etc. Electricity available at facilities at Lodi Lake. No electricity available in City parks. The City is not responsible for damage to lessee’s property.


Some groups are required to provide the City of Lodi a certificate of insurance naming the City of Lodi additionally insured for the event. Determination of insurance needs will be made at the time of the reservation. For groups unable to provide their own insurance, the City of Lodi has in place a special event insurance program. Rates will be determined at the time of reservation, however, the City does not guarantee insurance rates. Applicant is responsible for any rate adjustments.

Building Rental Keys

Keys must be picked up the last working day prior to the reserved date and returned by 5 p.m. the first working day following the reserved date. If an employee must return after hours to issue a key or open the building, you will be billed. No refunds if you forget to pick up the key. Ten dollars will be charged for lost or damaged keys.

Large Gatherings

Security will be required for large groups at user’s expense. Final determination will be made at the time application is finalized and with the recommendation of the Police Department.

Park Hours

Lodi Lake Park closes at sunset. All other parks are posted with curfew times.

Inflatable Hoppers

The Recreation Division must approve use of all inflatable party hoppers prior to the completion of a reservation. Insurance is required from the company providing the party hopper. All electricity must be supplied by the company.


Pets are allowed only on the west trail of Lodi Lake Park and the roadway and parking lot of Lodi Lake Park, leashes are required (6 feet or less). Dog exercise areas are located at Beckman Park, Lawrence Park, and Vinewood Park. Dogs are not allowed on grass areas within the park.

Picnic Kits

Arrangements can be made by calling the Recreation Division office at 209-333-6742 a minimum of three days prior to the scheduled event. Items available for a fee:

  • Frisbees
  • Horseshoes
  • Football, Soccer Ball
  • Tug-of-War Rope
  • Cornhole
  • Ring Toss
  • Volleyball Net/Ball, Etc.


Refund requests for rainouts must be submitted within 72 hours of reservation for consideration.

Sales in City Parks

All Alcoholic Beverage and Food Sales must be approved by the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Director prior to their sale.

Unlawful Acts in Public Parks

All laws and ordinances are strictly enforced by Lodi Police Department.