Sewer Treatment

The City has a fully equipped, state-certified laboratory which is involved in every phase of wastewater treatment. The staff tests wastewater samples for various kinds of organisms and toxic concentrations that may be present in the water. Customers can help the City continue to meet increasingly stringent wastewater discharge requirements by limiting or preventing harsh chemicals from entering the plant.

Optimizing Operations

The experienced plant operations and maintenance staff administers the day-to-day control of the White Slough facility. All of the processes, support systems, and equipment associated with the plant are, to varying degrees, operated and controlled automatically. To attain and maintain treatment performance requirements, to ensure the normal life expectancy of equipment and structures, and to optimize operation and maintenance costs requires the constant attention of skilled personnel knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines. The White Slough staff meets the always challenging wastewater treatment demands of a growing Central Valley community.

The Future

Statewide demands for fresh water coupled with concerns over trace levels of pollutants are placing increased demands on the facility far beyond its design parameters. The City has embarked on its next major project which will upgrade and add processes to ensure the facility continues to meet ever tightening environmental regulations. Additionally, the City has undertaken a comprehensive groundwater investigation, that will determine if the current land application procedures need improvement to protect the groundwater beneath the facility. Continue to watch this site for updates on the facility.