Street Sweeping

Sweeping Map

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We sweep all of our streets at least one time per month to:

  • Remove fine metal particles that are left on roadways by vehicles.
  • Reduce debris in local waterways.
  • Remove small collections of litter and debris that can build up in gutters.


Residential Sweeps

  • Residential streets are swept once each month 
  • They are swept on the same day of the month each month (e.g., first Monday, second Thursday, etc.).
  • Property owners can help the efficiency and effectiveness of street sweepers by moving parked cars from the street on the scheduled sweep day and by maintaining the clearance on street trees to 14 feet above the street.

Downtown Sweeps

  • Downtown is swept twice a week in the early morning hours

We try to minimize impacts on traffic, businesses, residents, and visitors.

Time Restrictions 

  • Do not park in a restricted parking area at any time within the posted hours even if a sweeper has already made a pass.
  • Sweepers may make multiple passes to ensure an effective sweep.



  • What can I do to have an effective sweep?
    • Remove all vehicles from the street on your sweep day.
    • Remove all trash, yard waste, garbage cans, and dumpsters from the street on your sweep day.
    • Keep your trees trimmed up 14 feet from the street.
    • Remind your neighbors to follow these same guidelines.

Are all streets in Lodi swept?

No, there are private streets as well as some county and state pockets within the boundaries of Lodi that are not swept by the City.

What day is my street swept? 
View the map to see what day your streets are swept 

Is yard waste swept up?  No, It is the property owners’ responsibility to sweep up all yard waste residues and remove them from the street after it has been collected. Sweepers will not sweep up yard waste and trash as these kinds of items can cause damage to the sweeper.