No-Show & Late Cancellation Policy

If you have a pattern or practice of missing scheduled trips or not canceling trips within the required time, you may be suspended from service.


  • A no-show is when a Dial-A-Ride/VineLine (DAR/VL) passenger reserves and schedules a ride but does not meet the vehicle within 5 minutes of its arrival.
  • A late cancellation is when a DAR/VL passenger fails to cancel a trip more than 1 hour prior to their scheduled departure time. 
    • If you cannot make it to your scheduled reservation, please call 209-333-6806.

Subscription Cancellation Procedures

City of Lodi Transit values our passengers and appreciates you choosing us as your selected service.  One of our goals is to provide you and other passengers with timely and reliable service.  To help us accomplish this goal, City of Lodi has established subscription cancellation procedures.

Passengers who cancel more than 30% of their subscription trips in a previous month will have their subscription privileges eliminated.  In addition, if passengers receive two or more suspensions within one year for failure to cancel trips or for not showing up within the appropriate time frame, subscription privileges will be eliminated.

Subscription service is intended for passengers to schedule trips that are for the same day, same pick up and drop off time, and same pick up and drop off addresses.  If a passenger wants to modify any of these aspects of their subscription trip, it means that they are cancelling their original trip and scheduling a new one.

If you have cancelled more than 30% of your subscription trips in a previous month, you will be sent a Subscription Service Elimination Letter.

A Subscription Service Elimination letter is a written notification sent indicating your subscription service has been cancelled. If a passenger’s subscription service is eliminated, please call GrapeLine Dial-A-Ride and VineLine services at 209-333-6806 to schedule your individual reservations.

New subscription trips will not be considered for 60 days from the date subscription privileges are removed and will be subject to availability. There is no guarantee that subscription reservations will be available for the requested time, date, and destination.