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Electric Utility Services

  • Engineering services for electric supply systems are provided free of charge to the customer. These services include the planning, design, and administration of the electrical systems required to serve an individual customer or complete developments, be it residential, commercial or industrial.
  • Lighting systems design and specifications are also provided free of charge. Examples include: street lighting and area lighting systems (primarily sports and parking).
  • Lodi Electric Utility provides, on a loan basis, kilowatt hour meters for customer use to determine energy use of various electrical devices. These meters are primarily used in the residential sector.
  • Lodi Electric Utility has a number of informational pamphlets available on various energy and electric subject matters.
  • Lodi Electric Utility has the "Hazard Hamlet" demonstrator available to schools, organizations, groups, clubs, etc. The "Hazard Hamlet" is a demonstration unit depicting a number of common electric hazards in everyday life. Operated by a staff member, the "Hazard Hamlet" shows electric hazard in various situations.
  • Lodi Electric Utility has a very quick response time to emergencies anywhere on the system. In most cases a qualified staff member will be on site within 20 minutes.
  • Lodi Electric Utility has staff available around the clock to address customer problems and outages when they occur.
  • Lodi Electric Utility conducts customer requested residential meter accuracy tests on location.

Specifications & Standards