Commercial & Industrial


The City of Lodi contracts with Waste Management to provide residential and commercial garbage collection, transportation and disposal as well as the collection of recyclable materials. The City offers many size and service options to fit commercial business needs.

Commercial Collection Rates effective April 1, 2023

Commercial Recycling

The law also requires businesses and other public entities to recycle as much of the waste they generate as possible. AB 341 requires that businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste (trash) per week, or are a multifamily residential dwelling of five units or more, must now arrange for recycling services. 

If your business does not already subscribe to commercial recycling service, the City of Lodi Public Works Department can help guide you through the transition. Free business waste evaluations are available through the City’s franchised waste service provider, Waste Management, at 209-369-8274, to help determine the appropriate service level and get you started. 

Commercial Organics Recycling

About half of California’s waste stream is organic material like yard trimmings, food waste, and lumber. Organic material can be diverted from landfills into composting and anaerobic digestion facilities where it is transformed into rich soil amendments and biofuel. California is aiming to reduce the amount of organic waste by 50 percent by 2020 and by 75 percent by 2025.  In order to achieve this target, AB 1826 requires commercial businesses to arrange for organic waste recycling services if they generate 2 cubic yards of solid waste per week.

A waiver may be granted by the City to commercial organics generators that qualify.

Collection Waiver Request Form (PDF)

Edible Food Recovery

Please visit our edible food recovery program page for more information.

Reduce Your Bill

In many cases adding recycling service can reduce your overall trash bill. Commercial businesses can utilize carts or container service (2 or 4 yards) for recycling at no additional cost. For more information on multi-family and commercial recycling legislation please visit CalRecycle’s website.

Additional Information

For questions regarding your company’s current service levels, or to schedule a free solid waste evaluation, contact Waste Management at (209) 369-8274. For questions regarding the State legislation and commercial solid waste service in the City of Lodi, please contact the Public Works Department at (209) 333-6706 or by email at


The City’s industrial solid waste services are open market for designated industrial customers.  Industrial solid waste customers may choose any industrial waste hauler that is approved by the City. Please contact the Public Works department at (209) 333-6706 or by email at for more information regarding the industrial designation process.

Permitted Industrial Haulers (PDF)


Industrial customer, as defined by LMC §13.16.010, means all manufacturing enterprises who generate industrial waste within City limits except commercial customers.  

Industrial waste, as defined by LMC §13.16.010, means solid waste originating from manufacturing facilities and factories within City limits including construction and demolition projects.   Industrial waste also means solid waste produced by any person, firm, or corporation primarily engaged in the business of processing and manufacturing for the purpose of wholesale.

Industrial Hauler Permit

Those interested in collecting and transporting industrial waste within the City limits must first obtain a permit from the Public Works Department. Once a permitted industrial waste hauler, you are only allowed to service those businesses classified by the City as an industrial customer.

Industrial Hauler Permit Application (Exhibit A) (PDF)

Annual Industrial Refuse Collector Report (Exhibit B) (PDF) 

Industrial Hauler Permit Terms and Conditions (PDF)

Additional Information

For questions regarding the industrial hauler permit, please contact the Public Works Department at (209) 333-6706, or by email at