Electric Vehicles  

Go Electric! Up to $20,000 in rebates possible from Local, State, and Federal resources on New Electric Vehicles.

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more affordable than you think! They are also reliable, inexpensive to fuel, and good for the environment. Lodi Electric Utility now offers new vehicle and charging incentives for both residential and commercial customers.

Is an Electric Vehicle right for you?

There are many items to consider when deciding if an Electric Vehicle (EV) is right for you and your family. How many miles do you drive in a typical day? Do you take a lot of long-distance trips? How much money are you willing to spend? Is electricity really cheaper than gas?

Below you will find links to great online resources some answers to common questions.

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  2. Find The EV That's Right For You
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  1. Is electricity cheaper than gas?
  2. How can I find the right electric vehicle to meet my needs?
  3. How many miles can you travel with an EV vehicle?
  4. Do I need to install a separate charger and how much does that cost?
  5. Is there an expiration date for the State and Federal rebates?
  6. How do I charge an electric vehicle?
  7. Are there places to charge a vehicle outside the home in Lodi?

Yes! It costs about one-third of a gas vehicle based on LEU’s power costs ($.16/kWh) and average cost per gallon of gas ($5.00). 

An EV can travel on average 3-4 miles per kilowatt hour (kWh); therefore, a 50kWh battery pack, which is the average for a mid-size sedan, has a range of about 150 miles (conservative). To obtain LEU's residential charging rate, a separate meter is required. LEU’s residential charging rate is about $.16/kWh . A 50kWh battery would cost roughly $8 to fill up or $5.33 per 100 miles.

A gas vehicle with an average tank size of 14 gallons, and an average of 24mpg at Lodi’s fuel cost of $5.00/gal would cost $70 to fill up, or $20.83 per 100 miles.  That’s about 3.9x higher than fueling an EV in Lodi.

Go to the following link to calculate costs: https://chooseev.com/savings-calculator/