Lodi Police SWATThe Lodi Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics team (SWAT) was established in 1986. 


The SWAT team’s primary mission is to respond to high risk, dangerous situations that require more than standard police response. Types of operations that may involve the deployment of the SWAT team include:

  • The arrest of violent offenders
  • Barricaded subjects
  • Hostage situations
  • Service of search and arrest warrants


The SWAT team consists of nine police officers highly-trained in SWAT tactics. Team members are given a specific role in each operation. A team member may be assigned to the entry team, perimeter team, or long rifle team.

The SWAT team utilizes two canine officers specially trained in the SWAT and K-9s Interacting During Deployment School (SKIDDS) technique.


SWAT team members train at least 15 hours a month. This training usually consists of a physical challenge, scenarios, weapons courses and qualifications. Team members frequently train with other local SWAT teams as well.

Team members must maintain a high level of physical fitness throughout the year. They are required to pass a rigorous agility test every six months. In addition, they must complete a 25-yard handgun bullseye target with a minimum score of 90% each month.