The Lodi Police Department highly values the following:



We place great importance on individuals who possess strong moral character and uphold ethical standards in their personal and professional lives.


College Education: 

We recognize the importance of a solid educational foundation and encourage individuals with college degrees to join our team.

 Diverse Cultural Backgrounds: 

We embrace and appreciate individuals from various cultural backgrounds, as we believe diversity strengthens our department and enhances our ability to serve the community effectively.


Exceptional People Skills: 

We place great emphasis on interpersonal skills, as they are crucial in establishing positive relationships with community members and ensuring effective communication.


Prior Law Enforcement Experience: 

We highly value individuals with prior experience in law enforcement, as it brings valuable knowledge and expertise to our team.


Spanish and Other Bilingual Skills: 

Given the diverse population we serve, proficiency in languages such as Spanish is highly desirable. Bilingual skills enable us to better connect with and assist individuals from different linguistic backgrounds.

 Strong Writing Skills: 

Effective written communication is essential in law enforcement. We value individuals who possess excellent writing skills, as they contribute to accurate and concise reporting, documentation, and correspondence.


At the Lodi Police Department, we strive to maintain a professional and inclusive environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and excellence. We believe that by embracing these core values, we can better serve and protect our community.