Child Safety

Do your children know about strangers? Are you comfortable letting your children answer the door, telephone, or stay home alone? 

Talking About Safety with Children

Take a minute to go over the following safety tips with your children. They could prevent your child from becoming a victim of a crime. It is important that you give them examples they will understand. Use your home, neighborhood, or school as a setting. Make sure that your child understands that his/her safety is important to you and use the following points to encourage discussion about this issue.

  1. Defining a Stranger
  2. Stranger Safety
  3. Street Smarts
  4. In an Emergency

A stranger is someone that your child does not know. Parents and guardians need to determine who is and isn't a stranger. Explain that strangers come in many shapes and sizes. They may wear nice clothes, different clothes, or even a uniform.

The uniform issue is confusing to children, so take time to explain the mailman is a stranger even though he comes to the door almost every day. This does not imply that people who wear uniforms will harm children, but they still need to know that if they do not know the person in the uniform, they are still strangers.