If You're a Victim

Report to Law Enforcement

  • Register as a victim of Identity Theft with the State of California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General.
  • File a report with the Lodi Police Department.
  • Contact the fraud unit of credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. 
    • Request an alert be put on your record and be sure to obtain the expiration of the alert. 
    • Also, request a victim's statement be placed on your account and have your account password protected.

Report to Banks, Creditors & Other Entities

  • Call your bank if your credit cards were stolen. Cancel the account. You can call the bank even if the card or checks were not stolen. Report all fraudulent activity so they may flag your account.
  • Contact all creditors by phone and in writing, where fraudulent use has occurred. Keep copies of all correspondence.
  • If your social security number has been used, call the Social Security Administration. Some restrictions apply if you request a new number.
  • Notify your utility companies.

Keep & Review Records

  • Keep a log of all contacts. Get names, dates, and times of contacts you have made.
  • Review all incoming statements carefully.
  • Be prepared to back everything up in writing and notarizing documents.