False Alarm Reduction Program

Alarms can be a nuisance. Continuous false alarms can frustrate police officers and annoy neighbors. They also prove costly both in time and money. Police Officers are often responding to false alarms when other priority calls are pending.

The Lodi Police Department responds to approximately 180 false alarms each month for an average of six false alarms daily. Most false alarms occur as a result of operator error. This program was designed to reduce the number of false alarms.

False Alarm Reduction Fee Schedule

Lodi City Alarm Ordinance

Major Provisions of the City of Lodi Alarm Ordinance, (Lodi Municipal Code 15.56) (revised May 2017)

Alarm users shall comply with the following duties:                           

Maintain their alarm site and alarm system in a manner that will minimize or eliminate false alarms;                            

Make every reasonable effort to deactivate their alarm system; provide access to their alarm site; and provide alternative security for their alarm site when requested by the police department;                            

Keep written operating instructions for each alarm system at each alarm site;                   

Provide their alarm company operator with the current names and telephone numbers of at least two responsible parties who are capable of receiving notification of the activation of their alarm system and responding to the alarm site if necessary, to provide access to the alarm site and/or deactivate the alarm system;                            

Not allow their alarm system to transmit a false alarm;                            

Notify their alarm company operator if their alarm permit has been suspended or revoked;

Ensure that a representative of either an alarm company operator or the alarm user responds to the location of a false alarm within twenty minutes of receiving notice of the false alarm. If no representative is available, the police department may conduct an external visual check only; and                            

Provide the police department with updated information within five days if there are any changes to the information provided in the most recent permit application. 

Alarm users who fail to comply with the duties established in this section may be subject to a fine in an amount which may be established from time to time by resolution of the Lodi City Council.