Special Investigations Unit

A detective investigating a drug camp


In 1996, the Lodi Police Department formed the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for the purpose of proactive law enforcement. The objective of SIU is to target career criminals, gang members, sex offenders, and narcotic violators.

Gang Enforcement

SIU has two detectives whose primary assignment is gang enforcement. These detectives routinely contact suspected gang members and gang associates for the purpose of documentation and intelligence.

Narcotic Enforcement & Other Duties

Another primary duty of SIU is narcotic enforcement. This includes serving search warrants and conducting probation/parole searches on suspected drug dealers.

Suspicion of Drug or Gang-Related Crimes

If you suspect that drug dealing or gang activity is occurring in your neighborhood, you may anonymously, report this information to the Lodi Police Department Special Investigations Unit at 333-6734.