Park Projects and Improvements

Park ImprovementsHere’s where you’ll find regular updates on work taking place in Lodi’s parks, such as construction, equipment replacement or upgrades, or major maintenance projects.

Coming soon

Blakely Park Restroom Renovation (Bids open now)

Emerson Park drinking fountain replacement: New fountains will be installed in February 2020.

Down the Road

Blakely Park sports fields renovations: The City was awarded an $882,340 State grant to renovate the ball fields on the north side of the park, and construct a new basketball court. Work is anticipated to begin in spring 2020.

Lodi Lake Nature Area entry improvements: The City was awarded a $250,000 State grant to renovate the amphitheater, expand the stage, construct a stage cover and construct wheelchair accessible walkways to the amphitheater to enhance education about the environment in the 58-acre Nature Area.

Lodi Lake Park riverbank stabilization: The City received a $1 million State grant to design and construct improvements that will protect the park from further river erosion. Lengthy environmental studies and permitting requirements will likely result in this project being constructed in 2021.

Recently completed

Candy Cane Park: The City Council approved the plans and specifications for park renovations on March 6. Construction was completed in November 2019.

Kofu Park Tennis Court Resurfacing: The City Council awarded an $81,888 to First Serve Productions of Danville to resurface the five tennis courts at Kofu Park, plus add stripes for four pickleball courts. In addition, this project included replacing two tennis courts with six pickleball courts at Legion Park, leaving two tennis courts. Construction completed in September 2019.

Blakely Park Pool: Construction began Dec. 17, 2018 on a project to replace the deck and plaster at Enze Pool, and install new starting blocks for the competitive summer swim program. The project was needed to extend the life of the pool and make it accessible to disabled visitors. Funding comes through the Community Development Block Grant, a federal program designed to help low-income neighborhoods and persons. The pool opened on June 3. Cost: $411,500. A shade structure ($48,000, Stratus Construction of Stockton) was installed the summer of 2019 to provide swimmers and spectators some relief from the sun.

Emerson and Legion Parks picnic shelter renovations: Rotting timbers were replaced and the remaining ones pressure washed and resealed in May 2019.

Legion Park basketball improvements: New standards, backboards and hoops were installed in March 2018.

Scoreboard improvements: New scoreboards were installed at the Softball Complex, including Chapman Field, and Kofu Park in February 2018.

Emerson Park paver replacement: Pavers uprooted by a tree were replaced by stamped concrete to match the remaining pavers in June 2018.

Henry Glaves Park playground improvements: This $150,000 project consisted of removing the remaining play structures and installing new playground equipment and wheelchair access to the play area. The project was completed in August 2018.

Poured-in-Place playground surface: This $73,000 project was completed in April 2018, consisting of repairing damaged rubberized playground surfacing at four park playgrounds.

Emerson Park tot lot: Thanks to the Lodi Lions Club, which donated labor and a new tot playground structure to replace the one removed in January 2017 for unsafe conditions. The project was completed in November 2018.