Wildlife in the City

The City of Lodi is surrounded by farmland that provides homes to a variety of wildlife. In addition, we have 58 acres of wilderness area within Lodi Lake Park that is home to many types of animals, so it should come as no surprise that residents see raccoons, opossum, and skunks in their yards. Although they may cause a nuisance to the resident, specific regulations must be followed when dealing with wildlife.

Healthy Wildlife

Healthy wildlife is deemed property of the state and should not be relocated, moved, or otherwise harassed. In the event a citizen traps a healthy wild animal (excluding skunks) and is insistent that an animal service officer (ASO) responds to release, an ASO will be dispatched and will free the animal on site.

Nuisance Wildlife

Citizens should be advised that we do not trap or relocate wildlife or provide traps for wildlife. Any wildlife that is trapped by a citizen must be released in the immediate area. Relocating wildlife without the prior authorization of the California Department of Fish and Game is against state law and may spread disease while disrupting the populations of other animals.

Injured Wildlife

Injured wildlife shall be euthanized or transported to a licensed rehabilitator.