Feral Cats

Feral cats are born on the streets. They have not spent time with people and are not socialized. Most have never had any human contact, but some were once semi-tame cats that now have to fend for themselves. These cats do the best they can to survive, facing many hardships. Most manage to lead a good existence, especially here in California with our moderate climate.

Where Feral Cats Live

Feral cats live anywhere they can find shelter, including:

  • Commercial properties
  • Creeks
  • Near dumpsters
  • Neighborhoods
  • Shopping centers

Managing Feral Cat Populations

Many compassionate people provide daily food and water for these street cats. However, the greatest threat to feral cats is overpopulation. Ferals that have been spayed or neutered usually have one ear “tipped” or “notched” for easy identification.

Removing feral cats from a location is not effective as it only opens a territorial void, then more unaltered cats move in, starting the breeding cycle all over again!

More Information

For information on feral cats in Lodi, please contact the Lodi Animal Shelter at 209-333-6741.