Reporting Abuse & Noise

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Abused animal

Cruelty and/or neglect of animals is against the law. If you are concerned about an animal's welfare and suspect cruelty or neglect call the Lodi Animal Services right away.

Legal Definition of Abuse

Humane treatment of an animal includes providing it with adequate shelter, food, water, and exercise. Also included is providing any necessary veterinary care. To ensure proper animal health, it is recommended that owners have their pets examined by a veterinarian each year. 

State and local laws prohibit animal cruelty, a crime punishable as a felony or misdemeanor. In general, "cruelty" includes every act, omission, or neglect whereby unnecessary or unjustifiable physical pain or suffering is caused or permitted (Penal Code Section 599b).

Reporting Animal Abuse

To report animal abuse, contact Lodi Animal Services 209-333-6741.