Concealed Weapon Information

California Penal Code sections 26150 and 26155 provide that a sheriff of a county, the chief of police, or other head of a municipal police department of any city or city and county may issue a license to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.

Penal Code section 26175 requires the Attorney General to prescribe a statewide standard application for a CCW license.

The CCW Permit application process is the same for all New, Renewal, Modification and Duplicate permits. ALL applications MUST be completed in the online Permitium application. Make sure you save the Order Tracker Number that is assigned via email once your application is submitted, and the password you created. This is very important and will be needed again during the application process.

The application cannot be saved and completed at a later date. Once submitted, then the application is saved. If errors or changes need to be made to the application, the applicant can upload additional documents or a letter explaining the error.

Issuance Criteria for Consideration is Pursuant to California Penal Code 26150-26225, and 29610.

  • Age Restriction- All applicants must be 21 years or older.
  • Good Character- Applicants must have good character with respect to their ability to responsibly and safely carry and use a concealed weapon.
  • Residency – All applicants must provide proof that they are a resident of the City of Lodi, and fall within the jurisdiction of the Lodi Police Department.
  • Be free from criminal convictions that would disqualify the applicant from carrying a firearm. Fingerprints will be required, and a complete criminal background check will be conducted.
  • Be free from any psychological conditions that might make the applicant unsuitable for carrying a firearm.
  • Proof that the person is a citizen of the United States (or by providing one of the following: Naturalization documents, Valid US Passport, Valid Permanent Resident Card, or out of country Military Birth Certificate).
  • Complete required training and weapon qualification from a California accredited CCW training facility. New applicants require a 16-hour course, and renewals require a 4-hour course. (New Applicants: We recommend you DO NOT take any firearm training courses prior to receiving official notification that your CCW has received contingent approved to move into phase 2 of the application process).
  • Important Reminder: It is your responsibility to know your workplace policy on weapons.

Notice: No resident has the right to a license, nor is the Chief of Police required to issue a license. By law, the Chief of Police has the discretion to approve or deny CCW license applications as well as revoke licenses that have already been issued. 


Failure to comply with these instructions may result in processing delay or cancellation of your application. You must be a full-time resident of the City of Lodi.

1. Complete the online application. Fill in all required fields and follow all directions. Scan the requested supporting documents into the application. Scanned documents cannot be over 5 mg in size. Be sure to complete the application in one sitting, as it cannot be saved and finished at a later date. If you encounter any technical difficulties with the application, you may contact the Permitium Help Desk at (855) 642-2453 or email them to General questions can be emailed to

2. Select the correct type of application to view applicable fees. (Note: Application fees are non-refundable) If your permit becomes lost or stolen, you must notify the Lodi Police Department at (209) 269-4745, and file a crime report with the jurisdiction where it was lost or stolen. 

3. New CCW applicants will make a self-selected Live Scan and photograph appointment within the Permitium application. Appointments are currently on Tuesdays only at the times listed. After your Live Scan is completed and the results are sent to us, you will be contacted for an interview. (Note: Live Scan results may take between 1-6 weeks to return from DOJ) 

4. It is important to save the Order Tracker Number given and the password you create. You will receive emails and/or text messages which track the progress of your application. You will need the Order Tracker Number and password to login. 

5. It is your responsibility to have read and understood all instructions on this page, and all instructions and information on the application itself. If you have any questions, please email, or you can call the CCW records clerk at (209) 269-4745, or the CCW Coordinator at (209) 269-4786. 

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