Shut-Off Procedures

The City Council made changes to City’s utility billing process on February 1, 2012. The revised ordinance allows customers to make terms for payments up to two times per 12-month period. Maximum length of payment terms is three months.

Shut-Off Timeline

Customers have 26 calendar days from issue date to pay the bill before late fees are charged. After that period, the following actions will be taken:

Days from Bill Issue DateAction Taken
Day 27$10 late fee assessed on unpaid amounts.
Day 3610-day shut-off notice sent and $15 late fee assessed.
Day 4448-hour shut off notice sent.
Day 46Utilities shut-off.

Reestablishing Service

When a delinquent account is turned off for non-payment, the following must be paid to restore service:

  • All amounts owing
  • Collection fees
  • Cost of any damages
  • A deposit
  • A field service trip fee

Contact the Revenue Department at 209-333-6717 for more information.