City Attorney

IMG_6330Katie Lucchesi, City Attorney

Katie joined the City of Lodi in December 2020, where she has since served as Deputy City Attorney, Assistant City Attorney, and Interim City Attorney. The City Council ultimately appointed Katie as the City Attorney in October 2023, to act as the City’s chief legal officer advising the City Council, City Manager, and City staff on all legal matters pertaining to the City. Prior to joining the City, Katie received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from California State University, Chico, and a Juris Doctorate degree from University of California, Davis School of Law. She then began her legal career in the private sector representing both public agencies on all aspects of municipal law, as well as individual clients with business, environmental, and land use matters. 

 In her current capacity as City Attorney, Katie presides over legislative body meetings, trains officials and staff members on the Brown Act, the Public Records Act, notice requirements and conflicts of interest, and acts as a general municipal advisor to the City. Katie also assists with drafting ordinances, resolutions, contracts, advising staff on land use and CEQA procedures, administrative enforcement, and both criminal and civil litigation. Katie is dedicated to serving the City of Lodi and its residents with the highest quality legal counsel, representation, professionalism and integrity.

Role of the City Attorney

The City Attorney is the chief legal officer of the City of Lodi, and is responsible for advising the City Council, City Manager, and City staff on all legal matters pertaining to the City.

The mission of the City Attorney is to contribute to the success of the City by delivering high-quality legal counsel, representation, and effective solution with professional and integrity. The City Attorney’s Office is staffed with a City Attorney, a Deputy City Attorney, and a Legal Secretary.

Providing City Legal Services

The City Attorney’s Office provides all of the City’s legal services, primarily through:

  • Advising the City Council and its boards and commissions
  • Preparing and reviewing ordinances, resolutions, contracts, and other legal documents
  • Prosecuting of violations of the Lodi Municipal Code
  • Providing advice to city department staff
  • Representing the City in litigation through in-house attorneys or by retaining and managing outside counsel

Legal Assistance for Citizens

The City Attorney’s Office represents the City of Lodi through its elected and appointed officials; it does not represent individual clients and cannot give legal advice to the public. Citizens seeking legal advice or assistance are encouraged to call the following:

  • San Joaquin County Bar Association
    Phone: 209-948-0125
  • San Joaquin County Lawyer Referral Service
    Phone: 209-948-4620