Is an electric vehicle right for you?

There are many items to consider when deciding if an Electric Vehicle (EV) is right for you and your family. How many miles do you drive in a typical day? Do you take a lot of long-distance trips? How much money are you willing to spend? Is electricity really cheaper than gas?

Find Available Rebates

Visit the following links to find out what rebates are available to you:

Local Rebates

  1. Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger (Residential) Income Eligible $750 for the charger and $750 for the installation 
  1. DC-Fast Charger - $4,000 for the charger and $4,000 for installation

More info here.

EV Purchase Rebates

$1,000 for new/used zero-emission vehicles and $3,500 for income-eligible buyers of new/used zero-emission vehicles. More info here.