Letter of Authority - Trespassing

Latter of authority flyer


  • The California Penal Code, section 602(o), provides that private property owners may authorize local law enforcement to arrest trespassers under certain provisions. A Letter of Authority must be on file, and signs must be posted. The letter of authority is not to be interpreted as a request to obligate the Lodi Police Department to provide exclusive patrol of the owner's private property.
  • The Letter of Authority form must be completed and contain the property owner's name, address, and telephone number. At a minimum, the property owner must provide at least one alternate contact person who is aware the Lodi Police Department may contact him or her and agrees with the conditions outlined in the letter of authority.
  • The property owner or property owner's agent must provide and post a "Trespassing - Loitering Forbidden by Law" sign(s) on the property. The Lodi Police Department does not provide signs to the property owner(s).
  • The Letter of Authority is only valid for the limited number of days as specified under California law per Penal Code section 602(o).
  • This request for assistance and trespass enforcement letter does not create a special relationship between the responsible party or any other person and the City of Lodi or the Lodi Police Department or any of its agents, officers, employees, or volunteers.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner or owner agent to renew the Letter of Authority prior to the expiration. The Lodi Police Department will not send a notification that a Letter is nearing expiration or has expired.


California Code, Penal Code - PEN § 602

Lodi Municipal Code - LMC § 9.08.110


Submit your Letter of Authority Here →  Letter of Authority - Trespassing  




Sign Requirements:

LMC 9.08.080 has the following requirements for posting:

  • "Sign" means a board, placard, or card 
  • Minimum dimensions of 17” x 22” with minimum 1” lettering
  • Contains “Trespassing-Loitering Forbidden by Law" and any specific time limits
  • Lists the Lodi Municipal Code § 9.08.110 and CA Penal Code § 602


Lodi Municipal Code - LMC § 9.08.080

Sign Requirements