Security Camera Registration Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Lodi PD have remote or live access to my video cameras?

No. Lodi PD personnel will contact you to obtain the video when needed.

Who will contact me to obtain my camera footage?

You may be contacted by a police officer, police detective, community service officer, or crime analyst. All Lodi PD personnel have Department-issued identification cards and email addresses ending with the domain name of

How will I provide my camera footage to the Lodi PD?

You may be sent an email to upload the video via a link or one of our personnel may respond to your home to assist in retrieval, if needed.

Is my camera registration information open to the public?

No.  All your information is kept confidential and may only be viewed by members of the Lodi Police Department.

How can I update a change of address, phone number or email?

You may change your personal contact information by emailing Sgt Eric Shaw or by calling (209) 333-6727.

The Lodi Police Department should be contacted anytime a registered camera owner has a change of address, when email or phone numbers change, or when cameras are added or removed.

Will the registration cost me any money?

No. Registration of your cameras is free of charge.

Where can I register my cameras?

You can register your camera by clicking HERE.