Northern San Joaquin 230 kV Transmission Project


This project will provide a new 230 kV transmission system in northern San Joaquin County.  The project will loop the PG&E existing overhead Brighton-Bellota 230 kV transmission lines through PG&E Lockeford Substation and install a new overhead double-circuit 230 kV transmission line between PG&E Lockeford Substation and a new PG&E switching station at the City of Lodi’s existing Industrial Substation.  Lodi will construct a new 230/60kV substation between the existing Industrial Substation and the new PG&E switching station.  This project will address voltage and thermal overloads on PG&E’s system, improve system reliability for PG&E’s customers, and increase capacity to accommodate projected growth in northeastern San Joaquin County, including Lodi. The estimated cost for the City of Lodi’s portion of the project is approximately $30 million dollars.  Lodi plans to finance its share of the project with savings from the elimination of low voltage transmission access (or wheeling) charges more than covering the annual cost of debt service.  Once the project is operational, Lodi will eliminate more than $8M annually in low voltage transmission charges. 

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