Solar Rates and Incentives

Net metering is no longer available for new solar systems effective Sept 2017.  The Energy Purchase Credit Program (EP) is currently available to new solar system applicants. 

The Energy Purchase Credit Program (EP) rate effective July 1, 2023-JUNE 30, 2024 is  $0.1352/kWh.

EP Credit Rate History

Current solar rates may be found on the Lodi Electric Rates page:

How is the generation credit calculated and why does it change annually? Please visit Muni Code 13.20.290 Schedule EP calculation for details:


The City of Lodi is no longer providing rebates for solar systems. However, you may still be eligible for federal tax credits. Please check with your accountant or tax advisor. Additional information is available by visiting the Homeowners Guide to the Federal Tax Credit for Solar Photovoltaics website: