Microfilm Reader

Read into the past with our Microfilm Reader

An image of our microfilm reader sitting at its station.

What is a Microfilm Reader?

A Microfilm Reader is as the name suggests a reader that allows for microfilm to be scanned and viewed from a computer. It can also read normal photographic film and slides as well.

What do you need to use our Microfilm Reader?

To use our microfilm reader you will need an active Lodi Public Library card.  Children Age 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian during use of the machine. Everyone who uses the reader must receive a brief orientation from staff prior to the initial use of the machine.

How long can you use the microfilm reader?

Reservations are limited to two hours, per patron. The exception is requesting a one-hour extension if no one is waiting.

How do you use the Microfilm Reader?

Our Microfilm Reader is easy to use and our staff can give you a quick rundown on how to load and use it. If you wish to know more about out microfilm reader and how to operate it we have some reference materials below to read.

Link to ViewScan 4 - Perfect View - Quickstart Guide

Link to ViewScan 4 - PerfectView - User Guide

What do we have to read on the Microfilm Reader?

We currently have the Lodi News Sentinel from 1881-2021 that can be read and looked at on our Microfilm Reader.

Usage Guidelines:

  • The microfilm reader is intended solely for accessing and reading the Lodi Sentinel microfilm.
  • Direct supervision is required for children 12 years of age or under. Direct supervision means that the adult is with the child at all times.
  • No food or drinks including water bottles with screw caps are allowed on or at the table of the reader.
  • Film may be checked out one box at a time.
  • Use of the microfilm reader end 30 minutes before the library closes. For example: If the reader is reserved at 5:00pm on Wednesday the session would end at 5:30pm.
  • Here are the general hours of use. Please call or sign up at the library to confirm your specific day and time.
    • Monday - 10:00a-5:30p
    • Tuesday - 10:00a-5:30p
    • Wednesday - 12:00p-5:30p
    • Thursday - 12:00p-7:30p
    • Fridays - CLOSED
    • Saturday - 10a-4:30p
    • Sunday - 10:00a-1:30p