What is Zoning?

Zoning regulations govern how land can be used in areas of Lodi called "zoning districts" (also known as "zones"). These regulations oversee how the land will be used for residential, commercial, or industrial needs and how the land can be used (also known as "land uses" or "uses") in a given zone. All these zoning regulations are specified in a detailed legislative policy document called the Lodi Development Code, which determines if a use is Allowed (A), requires a Use Permit (UP), Minor Use Permit (MUP), or is Not Allowed (). The Development Code also includes other physical controls for land development like setbacks, height, parking, etc.

For example, zoning regulations might:

  • govern sizes and shapes of buildings
  • limit the number of units or apartments that can exists on a property
  • require the accommodation of car or bicycle parking off of the street
  • set controls on child care facilities, schools or hospitals
  • specify how late a business can remain open at night

Find My Zoning

Lodi’s GIS Property Viewer Map can quickly provide information on a property by clicking “I want to” and then “Find Address.” Enter an address into the search field, click “search” and once the property information appears, select the “Layers” tab, then choose “Planning” from the drop-down menu for “All Available Layers.” 

Development Code Violations

Spotted a potential violation? Visit the Community Improvement Division’s page .

Zoning Verification Letters

A Zoning Verification Letter is a written response to a request regarding the current land use and zoning for a specific property. This type of standard letter is more general in nature than a more in-depth public information request through the Clerk’s Office . Requests for a Zoning Verification Letter must be submitted in writing and mailed to the Planning Division. There is a fee associated with this written determination under the fee schedule. For questions, you can call the Planning Division at (209) 333-6711.