City Council Strategic Vision

2023/24 Workplan and Report

The City Council adopted its Strategic Vision on May 17, 2023, after a two-day professionally facilitated strategy session. The Strategic Vision consists of eight Strategic Imperatives (numbered in the table below) that serve as focal points for City oLodi Strategic Vision Iconperations and resource allocation. They are collectively the City Council’s vision for the future of the City.

Underlying each Imperative is a “stretch goal” that serves as the ideal finishing line in 10-15 years if all efforts are successful within the work plan and multiple milestones (labeled alphabetically) which serve as checkpoints on the way to achieving the stretch goal.  

Collectively, these Imperatives and milestones contain the City Council’s Strategic Vision.

Below, you will see each vision listed. Click on the specific vision to learn more. Quarterly milestones and work projects will be posted on this page.

Underlying each milestone are multiple work plan items labeled with a City department.  These workplan items are City staff’s blueprint for making progress towards the stretch goal, and strategic imperatives and milestones.  City staff will provide quarterly updates on this webpage on each work plan item. 

The workplan will be updated with additional initiatives as progress is made or additional opportunities are presented. Information is current as of May 17, 2023.

Stretch Goal: Realize a lively mixed-use, walkable commercial downtown district.

  • Community and Economic Development: Issue Requests for Proposal (RFP) for a comprehensive Downtown Specific Plan update to address all milestones in this goal.  The project estimate is up to $750,000 in consultant fees and a 24-month timeline for deliverables post-contract award.
  1. Expand opportunities for downtown living.
  2. Preserve downtown's historic character.
    • Public Works: Continue downtown annual maintenance including parking structure maintenance and repair and concrete cleaning and paver repair.
    • Electric Utility: Continue to proactively maintain historic decorative streetlights and other distribution infrastructure.
  3. Ensure accessibility for multi-modal transportation and public safety.
  4. Protect and promote the use of public facilities including the library, public safety building, and the city administration building.
    • City Manager: Maintain contracts for security services at public facilities and patrol within the downtown core to ensure safe access to public facilities and provide resources to monitor nuisance issues.
  5. Expand the perimeter of downtown mixed-use zoning.
  6. Adopt policies that incentivize the revitalization of buildings and infrastructure.
    • Electric Utility: Continue to offer 0% energy efficiency financing for commercial and industrial customers.

*Alpha numeric labels are for reference purposes only and do not designate priority.