Homelessness Initiatives


There are an estimated 2,300 people experiencing homelessness in San Joaquin County. According to the 2022 point-in-time count, 208 unsheltered individuals live in the City of Lodi.

We have a unique strategy and resources in place to assist individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our community.

  1. We believe in a service-first approach, which means working with homeless individuals and families who are actively seeking help and support.
  2. We also believe in accountability, which means holding everyone accountable for their actions, building rapport, educating businesses and residents, and quickly responding to calls for service.
  1. Access Center

The City of Lodi received approval from City Council in October 2021 to purchase a location to develop the Access Center Emergency Shelter on Sacramento Street. The Access Center will provide extensive wraparound service in addition to overnight shelter, meals, and hygiene facilities. Development of the Access Center is anticipated to take 12 to 18 months from site plan approval to be completed and will have the capacity to meet the needs of the 2022 Point in Time (PIT) Count of 208.

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Access Center Phase 1: Temporary Emergency Shelter 

On April 20, 2022 the Lodi City Council approved Inner City Action, Inc. to operate the temporary emergency shelter as phase one of the Access Center plan. The Salvation Army will be providing food and laundry services in collaboration with Inner City Action.  

Phase one temporary emergency shelter begin operations on July 22, 2022. The facility can house up to 49 individuals and provide wraparound services including, housing navigation, income advocacy, life coaching, mental health and substance use treatment, job readiness training, etc., these services will be similar to what will be provided at the Access Center once complete. Although the temporary emergency shelter can only house 49 individuals at a time, the objective is to continue to transition individuals to other programs or stable housing so that additional individuals can begin their path to stability. This in conjunction with continued outreach will allow the program to reach many more than 49 individuals. 

Community Development is excited with the opening of the first phase of the Access Center and the ability to provide resources to the community while concurrently working on the development of the permanent Access Center. 

What is an Access Center?

An Access Center is a low-barrier, service-enriched shelter that facilitates linkage to needed resources to help individuals and families exit the cycle of homelessness. Onsite services include intensive case management, hygiene facilities, 24/7 staffing including security, and janitorial services. An Access Center offers highly marginalized people the opportunity to regain safety and engage in supportive connections that allow them to move forward with rebuilding their lives, as well as develop pathways to permanent housing, income, healthcare, sobriety, and stability. To make sheltering more accessible, partners, pets, and possessions are allowed in a low-barrier setting.  However, low-barrier does not mean low-expectations. Violence, weapons, open use of illegal substances, or disruptive behavior is prohibited within the facility. 

What an Access Center is Not?

It is important to note, an Access Center is not a homeless camp. It is a safe and secure option to our unsheltered community with access to needed services necessary to progress towards a path of self-sufficiency. Security is a central component of the Access Center and consists of 24/7 monitoring of the immediate neighborhood, discourages loitering by clients, and responds promptly to any neighborhood concerns.  Additionally, routine patrol of the entire Access Center campus will occur to ensure the safety and security of residents and that house rules are followed. Janitorial staff would also ensure the Access Center campus remains clean and debris free on a daily basis.

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