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Off-Site 72 Hour Pass

The New York Times has allowed us to give out 72 hour passes for all of our patrons! This will allow you to view the New York Times offsite for a 72 hour period. Once your 72 hours is up, you can then come back here and repeat the process again to get another 72 hours. 

To access the New York Times off-site you will need to go to the following link (Link To New York Times 72 Hour Pass) and hit the "Redeem" button. From there you will need to create an account, or if you have an account sign in to your account, and this will apply the code to your account. You are now good to go for 72 hours.

Here is a video that describes this process:

On-Site Unlimited Access

Thanks to the California State Library we have been given unlimited access to the New York Times on-site.

To access the New York Times without limitations at the library you must sign into our WIFI, the "Lodi Public Hotspot", or be on one of our computers. After that you can go to the New York Times site ( They will ask you to create an account, this will be yours both on and off site. If you already have an account you can just sign in. You can then browse the New York Times as long as you are on our network and signed into an account.

Here is a video that describes this process:

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