The City’s new brownfields site is up and running.  The City was awarded its second brownfields assessment grant by the Environmental Protection Agency in the amount of $300,000.  This follows the successful completion of a grant awarded in 2015 for $400,000 which was successfully completed in 2020.  The EPA brownfields assessment grant is a highly-competitive grant process which is awarded based on the quality of the grant application, supported data, and documented program performance.  Administered by Business Development staff, the 2015 grant process funded a brownfields inventory, numerous Phase I and Phase II assessments, regulated building materials studies, and site sampling studies.  The 2020 grant will fund more assessments, and in addition, provide feasibility and market analyses of potential redevelopment sites.

 The new brownfields website is also funded by the second assessment grant.  The site allows Lodi property owners to nominate their parcels for assessment funds.

 The new Brownfields Advisory Committee is made up of the following members:  Terry Clark, Dave Claxton, Lisa Craig, Charley Swimley, John Della Monica and Pat Patrick.

Lodi Brownfields website