Solar Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am thinking about installing a solar system. Is there a maximum allowable system size?

A: Yes, the maximum allowable system size is based on your prior 12 months of usage history at the solar installation residence.

Q: What if I do not have 12 months of usage history?

A: Newly purchased homes or newly constructed homes will have their maximum allowable system size calculated using the following formula: Livable area square footage X .002= System kW CSI.      Example: 1550 Sq Ft X .002= 3.1kW CSI maximum system size.

Q: Is Net Metering or NEM still available?

A: The Net Metering or NEM program is fully subscribed and is not available for new systems. Solar systems already on the NEM program will remain on the program for 20 years from the date of the original interconnection. New owners of NEM systems are "grandfathered" into the NEM rates. Systems installed after 9/2017 are subject to the solar  Energy Purchase Credit (EP) program and rates.

Q: Do you have solar rebates available?

A: No, Lodi Electric does not currently have any rebates available for solar installation. Please check with your tax advisor to see if you qualify for any State or Federal incentives.

Q: What if my current energy usage is greater than my 12-month historical usage?

A: Customers may always re-apply at a future date to add additional PV panels to an existing system.

Q: Do you issue a Permission to Operate (PTO) certificate?

A: Yes, when your solar system has passed its final building inspection and a fully executed interconnection agreement is on file then a solar EP meter will be installed and PTO will be issued upon request to the solar installer of utility billing customer.

Q: If I have any questions or need any additional information on the Lodi Electric solar program who can I contact?

A: The best way to contact Lodi Electric regarding solar questions is to email us at

Q: Does Lodi Electric Utility allow Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)?

A: No, Lodi Electric does not allow PPAs. Please refer to the Solar Installation Guidelines for additional information.

Q: How does the solar Energy Purchase Credit (EP) program work?

A: This graph is a good example of how your energy usage is offset by your solar generation. Any unused excess solar  generation is sold back to Lodi Electric at the posted EP credit rate. Any energy provided to you from the Lodi Electric grid is charged at the current retail rate.

Solar EP Graph