Be storm ready - Rake, sweep and remove debris from the drain inlets.  Leaves plug

the drain inlets and cause localized flooding.  Pick up leaves and put them in

your green waste container for collection by the refuse company.


When washing your car – Use minimal amounts of biodegradable, phosphate-free soap.  Wash your car on grass or gravel areas.  Put a spray nozzle on your hose to conserve water.  Empty any remaining soapy wash water into a sink or toilet or pour it on to landscaped areas.  We would highly recommend going to a full- or self-service car wash since these facilities use recycled water.


If painting your house -  Choose water based paints over more toxic oil based paints.  Use up all the paint  before disposing of the can.  Let any residual paint air dry in the can and then throw it in the garbage. Wipe off your paint brushes then rinse them in the sink.  Do not rinse paint equipment in the gutter.


Volunteer –Your organization’s help is needed to attach storm drain markers near storm drain inlets.  The markers help remind people not to dump into the drain and provide the storm drain hotline number 368-5735 to report any illicit dumping.  Call 333-6740 to volunteer.


Care for your pets – Pick up pet waste.  Bag it and throw it away in your garbage.  Bacteria in  pet waste can hurt fish in our rivers and streams.


When watering your lawn -  Conserve water, do not over water.  Apply lawn fertilizers and pesticides sparingly to reduce run off.  Use non-toxic pest controls such as ladybugs or insecticidal soaps for aphids.  Use grass clippings as a compost for your lawn.



Spread the word – Tell your neighbors that helping to maintain clean storm drains helps everyone.  Remember –“ONLY RAIN DOWN THE DRAIN.”


Dual use Parks/Stormwater Basins – Many of Lodi’s parks are dual use facilities.  This means that the rain drains through the drainage system and into the basin in the park.  After it is held there for a short period of time, it is pumped into the next segment of the drainage system, and eventually flows into the Mokelumne River.  Because of this, hazardous waste that is disposed into the storm drain system could contaminate your local park.


            Please report any incidents of waste dumping to the Lodi Stormwater Hotline at 368-5735.