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White Slough Water Pollution Control Facility
12751 N. Thornton Rd.
Lodi, CA 95242
(209) 333-6749


Since 1923, the City of Lodi has been providing wastewater collection and treatment services to the community. The cornerstone of the City’s program, the White Slough Water Pollution Control Facility (White Slough) was originally constructed in 1966.  This facility replaced one of the oldest secondary treatment facilities in the Western United States.   White Slough provides the City of Lodi with a means to achieve water quality standards required for the protection of the environmentally sensitive Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.


Through the years, White Slough has been expanded and improved to meet the increasingly stringent environmental protection standards in an economically sound manner. The most recent project, completed in 2005, has modified the treatment process to include tertiary filtration and ultraviolet light disinfection, which replaces chlorine gas. Ultraviolet disinfection is safer for the environment and City staff working at the facility.



Adjacent to this facility, the City owns in excess of 1000 acres of land and leases over 900 acres to local farmers for the cultivation and harvesting of feed and fodder crops not intended for human consumption.. The facility has the flexibility to irrigate with domestic flow and cannery process water.  In recent years, the City has also supplied recycled water to produce steam for a 49-megawatt power generator, and to replenish mosquito fish-rearing ponds.  If a process upset should occur, the domestic flow can be stored in holding ponds and further treated before discharging water to the Delta.

The City utilizes a process called anaerobic digestion to convert the solids removed from the wastewater into a useful byproduct known as biosolids. This material meets federal regulations for safe use



The City has a fully equipped, state-certified laboratory which is involved in every phase of wastewater treatment. The staff tests wastewater samples for various kinds of organisms and toxic concentrations that may be present in the water.



The experienced plant operations and maintenance staff administers the day-to-day control of the White Slough facility. All of the processes, support systems, and equipment associated with the plant are, to varying degrees, operated and controlled automatically. To attain and maintain treatment performance requirements, to ensure the normal life expectancy of equipment and structures, and to optimize operation and maintenance costs requires the constant attention of skilled personnel knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines. The White Slough staff meets the always challenging wastewater treatment demands of a growing Central Valley community.



Statewide demands for fresh water coupled with concerns over trace levels of pollutants are placing increased demands on the facility far beyond its design parameters.  The City has embarked on its next major project which will upgrade and add processes to ensure the facility continues to meet ever tightening environmental regulations. Additionally, the City has undertaken a comprehensive groundwater investigation (link to report below), that will determine if the current land application procedures need improvement to protect the groundwater beneath the facility. Continue to watch this site for updates on the facility.


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